5 Best Jewelry Making Tools for Beginners

If you are into jewelry making, you will know that there is more to jewelry making than buying the best materials for your creations. To do the materials, you purchase justice, will need to make sure that you own some vital jewelry making tools to ensure that you can do the best work possible. To obtain the best jewelry making tools, you will need to know what to buy and what they are used for.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are one of the essential jewelry making tools. They should be sharp and strong enough to cut through various thicknesses of jewelry wire. If you have round wire cutters, you will not manage to get a clean cut through even the thinnest pieces of jewelry wire, which can affect the appearance of your pieces.

Flat Nose Pliers

These jewelry making tools are used for winding, looping, bending or coiling wire (amongst other things) without damaging the metal. They make the wire much more comfortable to grip than it would be if you were to grasp it with just your hands, which allow you to be more precise than you would be able to be without specialist jewelry making tools. You can create small loops and twists with this tool that would not be feasible otherwise. You should choose a pair of flat nose pliers which have a good grip so that you can hold onto them securely.

Bead Crimping Pliers

These jewelry making tools are designed especially for use with crimp beads. They are used to make sure crimp beads are fastened correctly, without leaving any sharp edges. Although a generic pair of bead crimping pliers can usually be used to secure most crimp beads, some specialist crimp beads may come with their own set of pliers for crimping.


While tweezers may not strictly be a specialist piece of jewelry making equipment, you will find that they do come in handy whilst you are trying to pick up tiny beads or work with delicate pieces of thread. They are essential if you are doing precise work with small things, and will allow you to pick up and place beads you may otherwise struggle with.

Jewelry Clamp

A clamp is a useful jewelry making tool because it can help to prevent pieces of work from slipping and sliding around when you are working on them. Clamping things down will help you to work more steadily if your work needs to be precise. If you are working with smaller objects, you must buy a clamp which is designed to apply pressure in the smallest increments. Standard metal work clamps may be too firm and could crush your work if you are not careful.

The best places to look for specialist jewelry making tools are making stores. These stores will be able to supply you with all the necessary jewelry making equipment, as well as usually being able to source other more specialist equipment for you if needs be.

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