Akouavie Quadjovie is a Togolese Métis artist of the Péda ethnic group. Daughter of an African father and a French mother.

The Péda ethnic group consisted of blacksmiths who, by their specialty and their manual skills, were spared the servitude of slavery. They were recognized by the scars they wore on their faces.

The women Peda at the time had on them as clothing only a piece of cloth used as loincloth, maintained by a few rows of pearls of all colors called “djeunou” in Mina, the dialect Péda.

The number of ranks and the color determines for each woman her status in the ethnic society to which she belongs.

Even today, every woman keeps under her clothes “djenou” as adornment and not to forget her roots …

At 16 Akouavie leaves Africa imbued with all these images and all these stories. His passion for pearls was there. Since then, she has created her own pieces, based on noble materials and semi-precious stones. His initial inspiration comes of course from his Péda ethnic group, but also from the Maasai tribes of South Africa

Each piece is a unique work, made by hand, in his studio and is signed with the AKOUAVIE® logo engraved on the back of a bronze cauri. The cowrie being one of the first African currency. But it is found in many other uses, ornamentation in necklaces clothes and other objects of everyday life and even in the rituals of divination. He is a very present symbol in African life.

In all his work, his jewelry and his painting AKOUAVIE® was inspired by the light and colors of Africa and is happy to share them with you.